Nord Coffrage offers moulds for double beams as well as multi-beam moulds (several lengths and heights) for making all kinds of beams. 

Double-beam mould    lire la documentation

This mould will enable you to make beams with a width of 650 mm for a length from 4 to 10 m and with a height ranging from 600 to 1000 mm.

Double-beam mould with walkway    lire la documentation

The double-beam mould with walkway will provide beams with a width from 150 to 800 mm with 2 different available lengths : 4 and 8 m with a height of 1 m or 0,50 m for the extension.

Multi-beam mould    lire la documentation

The multi-beam mould can be adjusted from 1 to 900 mm, it is available from 4 to 12 m length for heights ranging from  0,80 to1,40 m.