Normatower    Complete documentation

The tower Normatower is the most multi-purpose and the most efficient tower currently on the market.

This tower is in compliance with norms NF EN12812 and 12813 as stated in the Cramif note n°24 dated November 2007.

It has evident assets for construction sites. As a matter of fact, each foot has up to 7 tons of load bearing capacity which is useful for both construction and works of civil engineering.

Moreover, the reduced number of elements makes the use of Normatower easy and quick (more than 30 % time saved when un/installing) and improves tremendously the logistic process (6 elements and different baskets). 

Thanks to its double tie points to the 4 feet this tower offers a perfect stability.  

The Normatower nevers stops improving. After the safety guard rail for pouring concrete between 2 towers of concrete beams, Normatower is now available in steel and Aluminium.

Patent (n°0605940)

Coming soon, the push and pull tower with a strong load capacity.


This shoring tower can be easily moved thanks to the 3 wheel trolley, no need to use a crane or to remove it.